Meet Karen & Craig

When Craig and I met in 2008, neither of us was a particularly good sleeper. When we started sharing a bed together our sleep problems seemed to intensify. I tended to talk in my sleep and thrash around a lot. This would wake Craig constantly and every morning he would wake up exhausted.

But it wasn’t all fun from my side either. In fact, it wasn’t fun at all. Craig’s snoring made me feel like I was sleeping next to a train line. So every morning we would both wake up feeling like zombie’s.

This had an effect on not only our relationship but our health and work-life also. We were both operating in a state of constant tiredness and fatigue which lasted for several years.

Eventually, for the state of our well-being, our relationship, and possibly to keep our bosses happy, we decided that we needed to give sleep the priority it deserves.

At the time we were both in high -end corporate jobs where it seems to be almost a given that if you’re not tired and stressed out then you are just not working hard enough.

But after a few minor health concerns for Craig we decided that we would give sleep, and our relationship the care and attention it deserves.

We now sleep soundly most nights and are both feeling fitter and healthier than we were ten years ago.

We want to share our message and we hope that you get something out of our tips. More importantly, we hope that you get to sleep deeply ?

Chief Sleeper & his apprentice :)
Chief Sleeper & his apprentice 🙂